Fair Gaming - Everything about Random Number Generators and Independent Auditors

It is quite natural for online gamblers to wonder if their online casino or poker site or bingo sites are really fair and random. Players can rest assured that the best, highly reputable, and licensed and regulated online gaming sites give top priority to fair play and randomness. They use the most sophisticated random number generators (RNGs) and publish audit reports of their games and payout percentages on a regular basis to convince their customers that their games are indeed fair and the results of each game is random.


What are RNGs?


An RNG is a device that can generate symbols or number combinations that do not follow any specific pattern. In other words, the number and symbol combinations generated by an RNG are truly random.
The online gaming software keeps accurate reports of the output generated by the casino’s RNG. Casinos then have independent auditors review these log files every month and confirm that their RNG indeed produces random results. The online gaming site publishes these audit reports on its website and makes them available to gambling customers who want to know if the casino truly pays attention to fair gaming.


How Independent Auditors Function 


Independent auditors use transparent procedures to independently examine available information at online gaming sites and give a report on their fairness and integrity. They are strictly required not to be associated with the online gambling site in any way. The procedures that independent auditors use are truly transparent in the sense that the methods they use can be reviewed and objected to by the independent auditor, the gambling company, or any other company or individual affected directly by the audit report.


Independent auditors use a wide range of methods to collect and assess information from a wide range of sources, and they must not be hindered in any way in this process. This means that independent auditors must be given complete access to all the information they require to come to a correct conclusion regarding the fairness and randomness of the casino’s RNG. Independent auditors take into consideration information such as gaming software, RNG, algorithms, log files, and so on.


The independent auditor must be widely acclaimed, reputable, and trustworthy, and capable of delivering audit reports that can withstand the tests of re-examinations and close scrutiny. Independent auditors make sure that an online casino game bears a striking similarity its brick-and-mortar casino version, that it passes a number of randomness tests, that it is free of flaws and bugs that will increase the house edge, and that it has produced stable results ever since its launch.


Checking Audit Reports at Online Casinos


Highly reputed online casinos are tested by independent auditors such as eCOGRA, TST, iTech Labs, and PricewaterhouseCoopers, to mention just a few. Independent auditors thoroughly check payout percentages and randomness of slot machine games, blackjack, video poker, roulette, craps, keno, and all other online casino games. Players can easily gain access to these monthly audit reports and decide for themselves whether the online casino is indeed fair and trustworthy.